When is the SPAN for an AJAX refresh added to the HTML document ?

I try to get rid of this span because of a styling issue.
When I use jquery $document.ready to remove it, it looks like its working, but in practice .... not
Hi Joop,

Removing those spans will break the ajax refresh mechanism. They are there for that reason only.
What styling issue are you having?

João Rosado
we're using an external company for the styling, they create the CSS and the SPAN breaks the styling ...
I already figured out a way to "move"the span to a higher level, so the ancestor tree in CSS will work
Hi Joop,

If I'm not mistaken that span is created if the element you are refreshing is not a span or a div.

Tiago Simões
I tried unwrap for the child of the span ... but did not sort any effect.
Solved it by transferring the ajax refresh to higher level in hierarchy
But why use span? :(

it's so illogical to use span for that.
(referring to the span-listrecords-idea-frustration)