REST - What are you integrating with?

REST - What are you integrating with?

There has been a lot of activity around these components to integrate with REST services (ardoHTTPardoJSONOAuth connectorsWebServiceEngine, XmlRecords...). But I'm curious...

What is everyone integrating with? Are these internal built services or is there a set of public services, SaaS packages, B2B scenarios your trying to integrate with? 

Me, personally, have integrated with (using REST) Google Drive, Asana, Evernote.

What have you been integrating with?
I am working on our integration using REST services and ardoHTTP to our SSO provider's API.  I am working on the development of an automated service bus type application using the Java cloud OutSystems platform.
Thanks Wayne. What is the SSO provider? Can you disclose that? Something like Okta or PingOne? or an on-premises/custom built?

Both.  We are firing data into our transactional systems via the API, but also supplementing information for end users through things like to validated bank information.

We will be looking to do further integrations with B2B solutions such as the UKs Companies House ( and something like Open Corporates data set (

Anything that can make consuming such services simpler is a step forward.
Just found this thread and wanted to mention that last month I performed a simple integration with eBay's "find items" API through REST, for a personal project of mine.

I created a forge component with what I used.