Sharing a web service definition

Sharing a web service definition

I have created a web service in an espace, and others would like to be able to use it in their espaces. It appears that web services can't be made public. Is there any way for me to share it?

I tried using a merge, but it somehow deleted a set of web service created structures in my target eSpace, even though i clicked all the "missing" items.
Hi George,

Web services are public by definition, you don't have a public property like for other elements. All you need in order to share it is to know its endpoint. Your web service is available in this address
http://<your server>/<eSpace>/<webservicename>.asmx?wsdl - if you have a .NET environment or
http://<your server>/<eSpace>/<webservicename>?wsdl

All of this is explained in the reference help.
Thanks for the response. The problem is that i need the definition shared, so different people can run a web service with the same name from different espaces. So i would have an endpoint like:
nd yours would be
mine would return data specific from my espace, yours would return your data. But the web service name, methods etc would be identical, but the endpoint would change to point to different eSpaces

Same web service returns different data from different espaces.

I can just copy the web service from one eSpace to another, but I would rather just reference it if i can.
Does that make sense?

Hi George,

If you would reference the implementation would be the same, right! You need to copy and paste the webservice and then change the implementation. The API of the webservice is really the easy part to create usually, unless you have a webservice with hundreds of methods.
You are right about that. Copy and Paste is what i am doing. I was looking for a way to package the whole thing so that developers can "one click" to import, make a single change in the underlying implementation and then publish.
I sent them instructions on how to do it using copy/paste/modify/publish.