Extension to execute command line program or batch file

Extension to execute command line program or batch file

I need an example of how to create an extension which can execute a comman line program or batch file.  I have a program that executes from the comman prompt.  This program takes two parameters on the command line and returns a file.  OS documentation for extentions is very sparce and I have looked for information in the Community, but there is nothing that provides an actual example (at least I haven't found any).  Can anyone help? 

Is there a decent tutorial or other documentation that actually demonstrates how to create extentions? Everything I have found treats the subject at too high a level without enough detail.

Sometimes  responses in this forum state the obvious with no real meat in them.  I already know it can be done thru Integration Studio.  I need to know HOW at a detailed level.  Thanks to any help anyone can give. 
a Quick tutorial:

Create a New extension (File, New), and name it "ExecuteCommand".

Create 1 new actions, (right click on Action, Add action) named
  • ExecuteSynchronously
Now click "Edit Source Code .Net"

the .Net IDE starts (Visual Studio), with 1 action to be implemented.

I have found a implementation for this on CodeProject here (not tested it); copy the code from ExecuteCommandSync (with a litte change, replace the command variable with ssCommandString) into the actions, you will get something like this:

Now Build the project in the Visual Studio, return to Integration Studio and click 1-Click Publish.

This solutions, is just a small how-to and not tested, hope this helps...

Kind regards,
Matthias Preuter
Nice post Matthias!

Just to give you an extra reference, the Test Automator solution includes an extension that I believe can be used for launching external programs (look for ProcessAutomator.xif).
Hi Bob,

Matthias gave you a great answer, well done Matthias!
Just keep in mind that running a command prompt executable / process is something usually not allowed to the user running the web application. You will need to set the Run As in Service Center on the eSpace page:

Thanks to all of you.  Matthias, that's the kind of answer that I was looking for.  And with answers like that, this forum can be an invaluable asset to OS developers.  I still feel that 'official' OS documentation needs to be beefed up in many areas.  It doesn't make sense to use a RAD platform if you have to spend days trying to figure out how to use a tool or how to accomplish a task that is commonly needed.

Again, thanks for the solid info and the very timely response.
Hi Bob,

Oh but the OutSystems Platform so much more than a RAD.... :)
I'm glad you got your problem fixed.