Hi all,
Can any one help me how to create the pie Chart  with the information I have created "Employees by State" which is represented to the right side of the graph.
e.g: If I have records with values like shown below, I would like to have a exact representation in graphs.

Also would like to know, if there is a way to show/create dynamic value charts.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi Sudhakar,

Check out this online training video. It explains how to create charts using the platform built-in component Charts.


thanks Vieira,

We do know how to prepare the charts  by using the platform built-in components.

for example:: If i have 40 states should i need to create 40 table Query in prepartion???
we are looking for the best solution.
the table we have displayed right side in the question above we have used advance SQL,we want to know how use the "DataPoint_Init" Value for the Advance SQL..
Kindly look into the attached SS what we have designed in prepartion and also we would like to know what would happen if the data is dynamic.
You want to use an Advanced SQL statement for this.  Something like SELECT STATE, COUNT(*) FROM {Entity Name} ORDER BY STATE GROUP BY STATE.  Then use the For Each to go through each record and build the list using List Append.  This will make everything dynamic so no code changes even if states are added to the data.  Hope this helps.
thanks Curt Raddatz,

your solution works fine for my requirement.

I encountered following error when i try to include a Pie Chart in email

Unexpected Web Block
Web Block 'PieChart' defines the On Notify event handler but it will be ignored in Email Screen 'EmailNotification' as On Notify events are not supported by Email Screens.

How can i email a statistics via email?