Does anyone know how to or have anything to support SAML 2.0 in an Outsystems app?
Hey Gerry,

what are you trying to do with SAML?

We need to be able to jump into an Outsystems app from a cloud-based vendor app without requiring to user to re-authenticate.
I see.

How are they passing you the users info? Is that SAML based?
The vendor app is Service Now. I am looking into how they would make that call. This is getting pretty hot since there are a lot of apps now that authenticate through samlfed servers and we need to start building and retrofitting apps to support SAML 2.0. When users log into the network, they want to pop into whatever they want and they don't care what domain it's in. There is some talk of using SSO Easy, but I am not familiar with it at this point.
Hey Gerry,

were you able to implement it?

Pedro Cardoso

No. There was not the time to implement it from scratch.  
Ouch.... and was there a plan do do it? 

Do you have something in your head do accomplish that?

I hear that some one will present something at NextStep and upload it to the Forge.
Ummmm. I didn't hear that!

Hi Gery, 

I am in the same situation, did you manage to install SAML 2.0, can you please share your findings?

thanks, Walid

Hi Ahmad,

Please start a different tpic, because this one is almost 4 years old.

When you do create a new topic, please describe what you mean by installing saml 2.0?

(tip, there is a Idp component in the forge ->