We are trying to publish using lifetime but we are running into errors and it is aborting the operation.  Is there a way to reset Lifetime without resetting our environment so that we can publish?  Our current platform version is  I have attached the error message.  I attempted to submit the feedback but I don't think our firewall allows it.
Hi Rebecca,

Since this seems to be an issue with the Lifetime metadata you might want to get the support team involved on this. Sorry for not providing more assistance than a simple redirect. :\

I've submitted a support ticket as well.  I was hoping someone else in the community had the same problem and had a solution.  Thanks for your response.  B-)
I am experiencing a similar issue. My lifetime last deploy from Development environment to QA is stuck since two days ago. I can't abort neither start a new deploy between those two enviorments. The Sync_All timer runs ok, but nothing changes in lifetime Applications Screen.

Did anybody else experience something like this?
Did you ever get a fix for this? I am on amsterdam and having the same issue

I think that Outsystems support sent me a new lifetime oml to publish.  Since the version from this ticket was from version 7 I would suggest putting in a suport ticket with Outsystems so it will be compatible with your environment.  I think there have been other updates since then as well.