Trouble Installing System Components

So I just upgraded from to Service Center is up and running, but I am unable to publish the new version of System_Components, either through the Solution Pack Tool or through Service Center. It simply hangs at the first step: "Contacting Service Center to publish Solution Pack", and never stops.

I can publish other applications just fine (although they throw errors due to system components references not being up to date).

Is there anywhere that the publishing tool creates error logs or anything like that so I can provide more details on my problem? The error logs in service center don't have anything that seems relevant.
You can look at Event Viewer logs to check if there is any application pool recycle event happening, as they are often the cause for solution publish hangs.
Hi there,
Today I upgraded from to on our local environment. I cannot publish system-components either. Using the Solution Pack Tool, it simply hangs at the first step: "Contacting Service Center to publish Solution Pack", and never stops. Using the Upload Solution Pack in Service Center I choose the file, click upload and it never gets to the upload of the solution, it keeps circling and never stops.
In the General log it says "
12-08-2014 18:19:52 (System) Entity Action CreateOrUpdateSolution_Pack(update) took 1005 ms SLOWSQL

I looked at other suggestions, nothing changes:
The system_components.osp in the platform directory is from 7/31/2014.
I cannot extract system_components to publish one-by-one.
There is no ongoing solution publish.
The solution system_components in the factory is still at
In the environment health all is idle or sleeping
In IIS, in the application pool for ServiceCenter the Private Memory limit is set to 8882995

Can publisch / upload individual eSpaces, but no solutions.

Help is truly appreciated.

Hi Wiiko,

Are you accessing service center by http or https? Can you try the other way around?
Also can you try it in a browser instead of inside Service Studio?

If none of that works, can you post a screenshot of the binding configurations of the Default Website in IIS?

João Rosado
Hi João,
Thanks for your reply. I'm accessing service center through service studio (not IE) or we use Solution Pack Tool 8.0 toupload solutions. I tried with IE, basically the same, the only difference is that in service center it keeps circling, in http the circling stops and buttons 1,2,3,4 never opens.
The Site bindings of default web site are:

regards, Wilko

Well configurations look ok.

Just to confirm, if you try on server using IE to access Service Center on
It opens correctly?
If it does I guess you will need to see with OutSystems support because I'm out of ideas.

João Rosado