[Test Automator] Compatibility with newer versions Firefox

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Published on 2015-11-16 by Paulo Garrudo
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Published on 2015-11-16 by Paulo Garrudo

the documentation of TestAutomator states that Firefox version 12 should be used and no newer versions.
I just tried if it worked with Firefox version 29 and it didn't work, as expected.

Now my question:
Will this application be made compatible with newer versions of Firefox in the future or will version 12 be the only working version?

Best regards,

Paul van Rooijen
Hi Paul,

The dependency with FF 12 is due to the underlying control that is used to run the tests (selenium RC). At that time we just could not get it to play nice with any newer versions. There have been a few seleniumRC releases since which may have changed that (looking at https://selenium.googlecode.com/git/java/CHANGELOG) but I guess everyone's been busy to experiment with it.

Do you want to have a go yourself and let us know? :) Try downloading and updating both the seleniumRC binaries AND firefox and determine if there's a newer combo that works well. You can join the team and help us improve it too!


Has anyone tried using recent versions of Firefox?

Are there any updates in the works to use Chrome (68.6% market place share) as the defacto browser?

Hi William,

Test Automator isn't being actively developed. I'd suggest you to evaluate BDD Framework and Test Framework from the Forge.

Additionally, these are good resources on this topic: