Hi guys again, i was wondering on how to create a splash screen because my app is calling a third party web service and i want to notify the users that the page is still loading, i want to add an animated gif instead of using richwidget/feedback_ajaxwait. Can you give me guys an idea on how to do it? Thanks in advance!:)
check out jQuery BlockUI and go from there.

Thanks for your suggestion sir!:) i'll look into it. 

I got it working but my problem now is as if my timeout wont apply. it just open and loads for less than a second then closes. dont know why if someone can help, that would be great! thanks!:)
No worries! i got it working. just missed one part. lol
So I'm able to show my splash screen now, the only problem is that it does not show up in safari, any ideas why?
Hi there, for your original problem: I just create a webpage with the splash screen and a hidden button, and then use the RunJavascript block (from jQueryUtilities) to click the button. The button could be an action to load your page and update it with Ajax Refresh, or just redirect to another page that would call your webservice on the preparation.

Best regards,
Pedro Vieira
Thanks sir, using blockui have fixed my problem. but your approach is also can be of help in my other projects. thanks sir!:)