Error: The connection to the server was reset

I have a problem when I click a button that downloads a file. 
Always the following error appears: 
An exception occurred in the client script. 
Error: The connection to the server was reset 
The error occurs in Chrome and Firefox. In IE is running. 
Anyone know why this error? 
Best Regards 
Eduardo Caetano
Eduardo -

We've seen this when there is something doing an Ajax Submit or some other postback while the download is occurring.

Hi Justin,

We have the similar problem like mentioned above.

For example we have 10 records in list page, when we click one record this type of error we are facing. But not all records, Is it becuase the size of the data for one perticular record in show page.

Please advise,
Swaroop .M
Swaroop -

That sounds like it may be a timeout issue. What do the error logs say in Service Center? Does it take 30 seconds for that message to show up? That's a sign of a timeout. If that's what is happening, you need to work on speeding that page up!

I also had this problem with one of our customers today. It seemed that there is a relation with the caching setting on the webscreen/block. Because after i turned it off, the problem was gone.