Serialize Complex / Compound record list?


We've been using the ardoJSON component to serialize record lists to JSON for consumption via REST.  However, it seems that it cannot serialize compound record lists (where the type consists of more than one structure/entity).  When serialized, it ignores all but the first type in the compound record list, as if it were a simple type.

What's up with that?  Is there a work around for this issue?

Here is an example:

I've defined a Person structure with a name field, and a record-list called location with the type (Address, Coordinates).

Then I create a temporary variable the Location record-list, assign some values, append it to the Person.Location recordlist, cast it to an object, send it to OutsystemsToJSON, then return the JSON for download to the client.

This is the output from the above.  Note that the only data serialized from Location is the Address record type, not Coordinates.

{"Name":"Box Barker","Location":[{"Line1":"123 Address Line 1","Line2":"Apt 123"}]}