How to create a combo box from a user defined list?

In an input form, I need to create a combo box where the items are from a column of a table.  For example, in table A, there's a column (amonth many other columns) called Color which contains various color names, such as Red, Black, Purple, Magenta, etc. (the color names in the Color column may not be unique, that is,  multiple rows may have the same color name).  Now for the combo box, I'll get a unique list of the color names from that column and use the list for the combo box both as values and options, so when a color is picked from the combo box, the actual color name, instead of some index number,  will be sent as the value.
You can load the Combo Box with values from a Record List. Where do you have those colors?
I've resolved the issue with an advance query and a structure.  The colors are from a column of a table.
Did you see the Color Picker component on the Forge?