How to Integrate Aspose PDF into Outsystems


I am unable to understand how to integrate Aspose PDF into Outsystems??

So can anybody please tell me How i can implement third party software in Outsystems.

Jigs Mehta

Hello Jingnesh,

I don't know Aspose but it seems to be an API do hadle PDF documents right? The important is that ir a .NET API... a dll if you wish.

The way to proceed on this cases, is to use Integration Studio and build a number of action around that API. Integration Studio is the tool that enables you to extended the fuctionality of the OS Platform,  like for instances handling PDF's.

You will be declaring actions like for instance readPDF file, that takes in a binary and get the text out by using Aspose. The building of the C# code will be done by you, using Visual Studio as you can expect. With the code built you publishit to your platform and you can now use it inside any other web appplication!

Check learn more on Integration Studio, start here

Pedro Cardoso

Thanks for Your Reply Pedro Cardoso,
You are Right this API do hadle PDF documents .Do you have any Video that can help me to start with Integration Studio?
I have seen some examples from FORGE but i am not able to Understand How to Start with Integration Studio.
So, Please help me to understand 
I have C# files from ASPOSE that may be Used for Intrgration.I am attaching those files Here.

Please Let me know if it is Directly usable with Integration Studio.

Jigs Mehta
No worries!

As far as I know, we don't have any videos on that, but let me try to walk you through that...

After you open Integration Studio, you will start to declare the Actions that you need.

In here, I'm starting to declare a first action.

Declaring an action is just calling it a name and declaring inputs and outputs. In here I'm declaring an action called GETPDFFromHTML, that takes as input a HTML text variable and outputs a binary variable called PDFData

At this point you're gonna jump into C# code, so, watch out for the sudden breaks ;)

Clicking on the icon I'm pointing at will open your Visual Studio (configuration needed prior to this, but really simple). You will have a solution ready to develop with the needed dependencies and details alike.
This is the class inside VS that you need to develop. As with any other VS solution, you can add dependencies to external DLL and other resources.

After you've built all the code you need, just deploy the extension to the Platform with Integration Studio 1CP button:

And inside Service Studio you can add a reference to your newly deployed extension tha takes advantage of Aspose to read and write PDF files :), just like this...

Open your eSpace and click on add/remove references:

This will bring up a popup where you can find your new extension

And then use your extension action inside any screen or user action:

Hope it helps!
Pedro Cardoso
Thanks Pedro Cardoso.

This is Really Help for Me.

Once again thanks a lot. :)

Jigs Mehta
My task is to save our pdf file coming from our applcation and save in amazon .
I have use logic from aspose where i have implemented aspose pdf manager extension but still i can't able to get it  can anyone has a solution for this.I have attached my oml file for your reference.
And by the by in the aspose application one of the actions ASPOSE PDF_GETPAGE COUNT from aspose pdfmanager extension is showing error that "These extension is incompatibale and need to upgrade it.
Has anyone has faced this problem so that it will be a big help for me to solve it.