How to use Aspose PDF into Outsystems

How to use Aspose PDF into Outsystems


Can anyone help how to use Actions to perform PDFs Operations using this Extension.
I created this extension from ASPOSE PDF FOR CLOUD DLL that is avalable on their website.

Please Let me know if you are able to Understand these all Actions.

Jigs Mehta
Hi Jignesh,

I don't have experience with the AsposePDF library but from looking at the action signatures from your extension it seems you went on a spree! :)

You should start off by creating wrappers for the most important functions: creating the pdf document, manipulating some small things on the document and then saving it.

One important aspect is that all non-basic types are made available to your OutSystems application as type "Object" and these fellas can only be created inside extensions.

For the PDF creation functions (DocumentCreate, DocumentCreateEmptyPdf, DocumentCreateFromHtml and DocumentCreateFromXml) you need an output parameter of type Object (call it This_Document) to enable your OutSystems application to maintain a reference to the PDF document you are working on.
That variable will then be available for you to pass along to the other PDF manipulation/storage functions that you define on your extension.

I tried combining a couple of those functions to get a  for a working demo but saving the file as TIFF failed with error "Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed."
I noticed you're using AsposeCloud.SDK.dll and on the help page for that all requests seems to require an appSID to work... which leaves me wondering... where's the logic to set the AsposePDF license? :)
In the C# API you have to set both AsposeApp.AppSID and AsposeApp.AppKey to use their Cloud API. You'll need 1 or 2 additional functions in your extension to set those properties before calling any other AsposePDF function.

Hope this helps!

Davide Marquês Thanks for your reply.

I am already talking with Aspose Technical People.

Thanks once again.
any news about this?

Thay said "we will check with ousystems and get back to you soon"
Still i didn't get any reply yet.
If you have any Idea then Please let us know.

Jigs Mehta
My task is to save pdf coming from my system or application to amazon.
i.I have used aspose pdf  extension for saving in amazon.
But still i'm facing some difficulties in saving pdf in amazon.
Can anyone has an idea for this.I have attached my oml file for your reference.