how to populate combobox items inside table records

eI have a combobox, Its values are from entity
The combo box is placed in the Table record.
how can I populate the combox items based on the referenceid of the current row?


You can create an action that returns a list with the input parameter based on the referenceid of the current row.
Then call the action in Source Record List in combobox.

Pedro Coelho

would this solution also work for an editable table ?
Imagine an editable table with in one column an attribute presented in a combo.
The combobox in each row should have different content.
But according to our info it's impossible to achieve this in an editable table.

Hi Jimmy,

I'm not sure of what you are trying to do, but like Pedro said with a function you can have a combo with different options for each row. See this example:
Hi Carlos,

what I'm trying to do is the following ...

Editable table with a column containing a combo box showing articles (titles). The combo should show all the articles not yet ??added in the table + the one of the current row itself of course.

Jimmy, are you trying to do something like this?

David, Nice work. That table layout helped me with a similar problem we were having.

Good to hear. The combo box is bound to the column in the underlying record that is being updated. The source of the combo box in my case is simply an entity. Your example stated the values needed to be ones not selected. I would suggest creating an action that queries data to determine the "not selected" answer set that executes On Change or any change to refresh the list. This may get tricky with it executing very frequently and trigger from several events.