Confirmation Message doesn't concatenate

Confirmation Message doesn't concatenate

Hi guys,

I have a question. I have a popup that contains one auto-complete box of employees.

When I try to select an item in the auto-complete, of course, I will get a value of the selected item. Now, on that same event, I am also performing a query to get the complete name of the employee and concatenate it in a variable where the message is composed. Now, I've tried to assign that variable to the Confirmation message @ Design-time.

Upon running the application, I can't seem to get the employee's name in the message, but after saving the first record and repeating the same action, the message now contains the previously selected employee name, and not the newly selected one.

Example message: "Are you sure to add " + EmployeeName + " to the list of CCs?"

The message is saved in a local variable.

Please help.


You should probably Ajax Refresh the container including the button / link with the confirmation message (on selecting the employee).
Or the button/link itself. No need to create a container around it if there isn't already one.

The background on this (a problem we've encountered in the past before), is that the confirmation message is evaluated when the page is rendered, because (iirc) it's part of the page's HTML code. So when you change variables that change the message, you need to Ajax refresh the link or button the message is part of, so that HTML is refreshed with the new value.
I see.. Thanks guys! It worked perfectly! :)