Excel Export and List Navigation Widget

Excel Export and List Navigation Widget


I'm trying to export a full record list to Excel. The record list has the List Navigation widget tied to it, which limits the user's view to 100 items at a time. When I export, only the 100 items currently viewed are included in the exported Excel spreadsheet.

Is there a way to make the export action bring all 500+ line items into Excel at once without eliminating the pagination on the record list?


Theresa -

Use the RecordListToExcel command on the data source for the on-screen table/list, not the table/list itself.

Hi Theresa,

Just adding on Justin's comment...
Usually the data source for the Table Records is the output of a Simple Query. The OutSystems Platform optimizes this element to return only the collumns used and the rows needed to render the screen.
In order to keep most of these optimizations and to prevent adding a lot of information in the viewstate you should refresh the query in the preparation and set the max records to a high number to get all the records (those 500+) to export.