[MySQL Connector] Port to Outsystems 8+

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Published on 2013-02-21 by RUG
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Published on 2013-02-21 by RUG
Someone uses this component in version 8?
Hi Tiago,

Not really.... were you able to solve the issue? If so, how?


nothing yet.

Here is an upgraded version of the extension.
Ruben can you make an osp of it and publish on the component? I don't have a 8.0 server at the moment.

For the record, there was nothing 8.0 related with it. It was just requiring a specic version of the  http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/ installed on the machine doing the upgrade (6.6.4). I changed it to require any version now.

Note: in Platform 9 the platform ships already with a mysql data connector that can be used for integrations using a Database Connection to mysql. I recommend using that in 9 instead of this component.

João Rosado
i tried to compile the mysqlconnector.xif . and it generates a huge compilation error. i am using version 8.i also installed mysql connector for net / visual studio