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Published on 20 Jan by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 20 Jan by Ricardo Silva
I am not sure if this is even related to the component but will post anyway. I am on the personal cloud to test this but the integration studio keeps asking me to define the Integration Studio options.

I am currently using .Net in my configurations/applications and have no installation/configuration for the J2EE part. Am I required to install J2EE options using the component or this is related to the personal cloud setup?
Hello JC,

You are not required to install J2EE options in order to use this component as you do not need to open it in Integration Studio to upload it to your server. You can upload the component in Service Center > Factory > Extensions > Upload and Publish and Extension.

This will not require you to open the extension in Integration Studio.

Also, this extension is developed for both .NET and Java so if you DO want to open it on Integration Studio you will either have to properly configure Integration Studio or change the extension property to not be for both stacks (this will make Integration Studio not want to open the source code in Java and thus not require it to be configured).

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva