Updating Espace_Entity Table in System

Updating Espace_Entity Table in System

I am using the Espace_Entity Table in Outsystems System in order to create Dynamic Queries in my application, and list all the tables avalible to the user. I have a problem where the {Espace_Entity}.[Name] is not updating when I change the Extension Table Name. It is stuck to the original name I used when I first published the application with the extension (One example is Employees2, which I want to change to something that is more readable to the user). I change the Extension Table name and it does not update the table. Do I have to do this manually, or is there a trick I am not aware of to get this working right?
Luka -

This is expected behavior. Do not... DO NOT! change those table names. Leave them alone.

If you want human-readable names to access your OS data, then your job should be creating views to the OS data, using the information in Espace_Entity as a lookup.

Hi Luka,

Of course, Justin is right always to be careful with those entities, but sometimes it can be useful to query those tables.

I think that, in order to get the updated table names, you need to join ossys_Entity ({Entity}) to ossys_Espace_Entity ({Espace_Entity}) to get the updated names.