10.2 Change and Refresh a Row on a Displayed List


The lesson material is in PDF which is different from the other until now. Is there any reason for that?

Also, when I apply the CSS to the buttons the result isn't the same as the video (about 2:32). From what I was able to find out, the fact that the "Is Default" property is set to "Yes" influences the text color in the button, making it appear as black.

Kind regards.

Hi Joaquim,

There's no other reason despite historical ones for the lesson materials being a PDF file :-/

Regarding the look and feel differences please validate if you are using the Chicago theme.
Hi André.

Ok. Just unsual to copy & paste from a PDF file rather thans a css (text file) as in other lessons. It brings lots os invisible formatting characters although apparently gnored.

I'm using that theme. I guess that it might be this definition in the Chicago theme that isn't overriden:

.Button.Is_Default {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #444;
    text-shadow: 0 1px 1px #eee;  

By the way, congratulation on the great material! It took me several lessons to have an issue like this one :) everything else went very smooth (even when the videos don't match exacly the platform I'm using; maybe a version related matter).

Kind regards.

Thank you! Fortunately we have great community participants like yourself that help us improve. We have updated the lesson materials.

Regarding the Is_Default style we will take a deeper look into it.

After a couple of lessons the buttons appeared with the style shown on the video. I didn't notice when the change happened but I guess it might have been a preview issue when setting the css which after publishing the project worked fine. Even now int the development environment the buttons appear as expected.

If in the next lessons I find anything like this I'll try to record the steps so you can get the same behaviour.