Solution Packs - Creating, Uploading, and Downloading

Solution Packs - Creating, Uploading, and Downloading

I'm attaching a short 'user-friendly' PDF document I wrote that describes how to create an OutSystems Solution Pack (.OSP) on a platform with IPP restrictions. I also describe how to build and download an .OSP file from your eSpaces and Extensions, and how to upload it to a platform environment that's different from the one it was created on. As long as the target environment is not a Personal environment and the Activation Code is known, there shouldn't be any problems.

Have fun!!
Hi Daryl,

First of all let me thank you for taking the time to share something with the community. We really appreciate it. :)

I have a note about your document. in the first page you say:

(...)I would suggest that you check the Include dependencies as components checkbox. Also, under the Versions tab, check the Include Dependencies in download checkbox at the bottom of the screen.

From my past experience, and also because of some pain with it, I would not recomment that. Why?

Because by including the dependencies in the download is highly probable that you end up with the system components (RichWidgets, Charts, etc) in your solution and by doing that when you publish on other environment its possible that you effectivelly break it or loose for instance a patch that might have been applied and depending on the size of your installation, it could take some time to recover.


I strongly agree with Guilherme.  There are many components in forge that include dependencies and if I install them, because they are based on older versions of the platform, totally screw up my environment.
Thanks guys for your feedback! Your thoughts and opinions are welcome and respected. I understand what you're saying and was concerned about the same thing when restoring eSpaces and extensions from our trial environment to our new enterprise environment. However, when restoring applications from my trial environment to my new one, none of my dependencies seemed to be downgraded? That's why I recommended including them. We currently have an OutSystems trainer on site for a few weeks getting us up and running. I asked his opinion on the subject and he was in total agreement with you. His concerns were the same. When I told him my experience, he said he would look into it further. I also told him that I was able to restore an application I wrote in my personal environment to our new enterprise environment. This he said was against the norm as well? I'm confused? Why was I able to do it? Could it be that our trial environment had certain features unlocked that the license indicated were locked? 

I don't want to mislead anyone, so I will remove the sections from my document related to dependencies and restoring solution packs until I hear from OutSystems on the subject. 

Thanks again for your input. I really appreciate it.