How to obtain the mime or html of an email??

Does anyone know if you can get the mime type generated by the platform. The idea is that I need the mime type or html email, I need this because I will use another tool to send the email.
Hi anyone? I need to integrate with Mailgun and I need to pass mime code or html.
Hi Alexandre,

You can't because the platform always makes sure the email is sent to a smtp server in the end. It's not possible to just generate the mime without sending.
Even though it's possible to get the mime in via the Email tables in the System reference when the "Store Content" is enabled ....but the platform will keep retrying the send and generate you alot of errors ...

I googled for Mailgun and in their documentation they can be used as a SMTP server.
Isn't that an option?

João Rosado
Hi Joao thanks for your answer. Today I use with SMTP but I need other things that I have only using API, I need to know if message was delivery, I need to know if message was opened, I need to know wich link my client clicked. I need to change from user per client. I'm trying other thinks that people give some tips here. Per example instead create an email, create a screen and use httprequesthandler extension to make a get and obtain an html, this work but with some problems, images, css of rich widgets and other things. The best solution is obtain mime of message from platform or html that works with full paths of images and css because Mailgun will process html to generate mime.
Hi Alexande

I'm been using Mandrill to implement the same requirements you have, using the extension posted on Forge. But Mandrill is now a paid service from MailChimp, so I'm moving to Mailgun. Could you be so kind to share the Mailgun extension you implemented?

That would be awesome :)

Thanks, Olivier
Hello Oliver and Alexandre,

We are now trying to integrate wil Mailgun as well. But no success so far. Were you able to make it? 

We want to use Mailgun for trasactional email and make sure emails land on the inbox.

Thank you!

Hi Hugo

I've integrated with MailGun, but with SMTP (and webhooks to be notified when the recipient opens the email).
I'd like to have integration with API to have more control over the email (send some in Text Only mode, for instance), but I haven't it...

Regards, Olivier
Thank you Oliver!

For starters I just implemented the SMTP version of it. I'll check that will help making sure our emails get through. I'll let you know once we change it to the API version.


Hi Guys,

I known that this is an old thread, but in case someone else stumble in this post, i've created a mailgun component which generates the MIME file of the email through an extension that i've made and sends it to the mailgun API.

Component link: