How to obtain WSDL and XSD's from a Web service


When troubleshooting a SOAP Web Service related issue, we may ask you to get us the WSDL and associated XSD's for that web service. This post explains how to obtain the required information using SOAP UI.

1) Open SOAP UI
2) Right Click Projects
3) New Generic Project
4) Enter the WSDL location on the Initial WSDL/WADL field
5) Click Ok
6) Right click the newly created project
7) Click Export Project
8) Select a destination file name

Send us the resulting file.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Hi Recardo,

Due to some reasons, I cannot share my WebService and XSD files with you. Will you please explain me how to rget data from WSDL and XSD in our application.

I have consumed webservice and it's returning entire XML as a output. I am not getting how to separate required fields from that XML and store in my application. I think after consuming the webservice, we will have to use the XSD files.

Suraj Borade
Hello Suraj,

This topic is meant to be an instruction post for when, in the course of a support case, we need to ask for the entire WSDL from a customer.

I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you please elaborate a bit more on it, in a different topic, to keep this one as straightforward as possible?

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva