How can we create a duplicacate copy of existing application


How can we create a duplicate copy of existing application?
I want to copy whole application and paste it into same environment for R and D purpose.
Waiting for reply..
Thanks in advance.
Hi Pranav,

Unfortunately there's no automated way of doing that. You'll need to create an application (to generate a different Key), clone all modules and refresh all references between them (because they are pointing to the original modules).

Then move those modules into the new application.


Hi Helio,

Thanks for ur reply.

can you please share steps or link for the same.
Because i tried with clone functionality and the clone was succesfully cretaed but when i closed the outsystem and open it again then the clone is not listed in module list.
Please assist on the same.

Hi Pranav,

The clone operation only duplicates the Module, you'll have to click publish (1) on the server  - with a different name.
Do it for all the application modules. Then, you have to go to "add remove references" on each module and point the references to the "clones" and republish them after that.

Then move the "clones" to a new application (they should be on the Independent Modules application - I think)



new clone module  is not listed in module list. Then how i use the option "Move to another application"?


You can find the clone operation inside service studio. Here:

You'll have to open the module you want to clone and then click "clone", this will open a new tab with the cloned module (that you'll have to publish - but choose a better name, because it will be something like "CloneOf...")


Hi HD,

Thanks fo ur reply.
Please refer the attachment.
I follow the same steps that you mentioned.Yes its open in new tab and also publish the code.But, its not show in the module list. If its not shown in the module list then how can i move module in different application.
My question is where i find "cloneof...." module ?

Hi again,

You can find it here:

You didnt got my question.
I done everithing that you provided in video but my question is:
 After creating clone of module I need to move these module to another application. So the "Move to another application" option is available in module list. So in that list i didnt found any cloneofapp....
Appreciate your patience.

Hi Pranav,

Sorry about the confusion. The new modules should be inside the "Independent Modules" Application (which is the default application for new modules).