Integration with IBM Websphere MQ

Integration with IBM Websphere MQ


Is there a way to push a message to a defined queue (IBM Websphere Mq) and then receive a message from a different queue asynchronously?

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Paulo Garrudo
Hi Paulo,

MQ Series provides a library named MQ Clients that provides integration capabilities for both Java and .NET:

An extension can be created to interact with this library to send and retrieve messages.

Other option is to use the MQ Bridge for HTTP:

This allows you to interact with the queues using REST and it wouldn't require any libraries to be installed on the application side. However a web server had to be setup on the server-side to process such HTTP requests.

Best Regards,

Bruno Gonçalves  

My doubt is regarding how to receive the messages from MQ using a Java Extension for instance, usually handling queues one only defines the handler of new messages and the framework would start this handler when the proper event (message) arrives, no news here I know, but how could an Extension have this sort of behaviour, I don't think the best scenario would be to have some Action at the Scheduler prompting the Queue in order to check for newer messages. Do you see my point?

Or maybe the natural approach would be to register a 'pure Java' queue listener that would then fire an webservice call to the OutSystem solution? Restricting the Extension to the role of just pushing messages to the queue. Does this make sense?