Pagination in an Editable Table

Hi guys,

Another question, how do you perform pagination in an Editable Table Record?


Hi Julius,

Right now there is no easy way to do pagination in an Edtitable Table widget. As an option you can try to implement an infinite scroll pattern, as it is described here.

The EditableTable widget should be used mostly for small lists, since it uses several inputs that might have an impact on server performance.

Tiago Simões
Where do I find the Infinite Scroll web block ?

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Hi Pedro,

The Infinite Scroll is in the LondonTheme.oml you can download from the page Tiago refered to. In the footer you'll find the link.
Hi André,

Thanks !
Hi guys,

I know this is an old post, but I was not able to get this working with an Infinite Scroll web block. Can you tell me what did I do wrong, please? Code in attach. Only the editable-row TableRecords seemed a good solution...

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