How to deploy a existing outsystem application in local machine


Can anyone know how to deploy a existing application in our local environment?

thanks in advance.
Hi Pranav,

To help you out I first need some extra information:
  • where does the existing application live?
  • what kind of environment is your "local environment"? Is it a on-premises enterprise subscription?

Hi Davide,

           I need to do the same thing. I want to deploy in my local enviroment. I am working in a enterprise subscription.



At a high level, if you want to move your applications from one server to another, you need to create a solution from the server it is deployed currently and then deploy the solution to the new server.

However as Davide mentioned, it is required to understand your environment structure, is it totally on-Premise or on Enterprise Cloud or a mix, since it may come under IPP [].


Hi Tomas,

In OutSystems Enterprise pricing model, additional environments beyond those included in your subscription are separately licensed. I suggest you discuss this with your OutSystems account manager or solution architect.

Personal areas are often a better solution for the use case that leads you to consider your own environment.

Give it a try!


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