Page Redirection After Login.

I have created a page in espace which is "Test.aspx" and requires roles to access, i tried running this page using url like http:\\myserver\espace\Test.aspx  and redirects me to the login page i logged in using the credntilals having th eright role for page and i redirected to the Home page instead of the "Test.aspx" , can some one please let me know do i need to set anything related to session to navigate to the url i typed in.
Hi Pramod,

If you create a new application and add a module to it, you'll have this pattern working. Some remarks:

  • Your Login screen receives an optional parameter - OriginalURL.
  • After logging in the user, you redirect the user to this OriginalURL, if it's filled in.
  • In your screen handling the 'Security Exception' exception (e.g. NoPermission), you should redirect the user to the Login screen, filling in the OriginalURL parameter - use function GetExceptionURL() here.