Hiding ServiceCenter

Hiding ServiceCenter


I have two servers(Server1 and Server2) setup in a farm.
Server1 is the Main server where the deployment controller resides. Server2 is is the latest addition and contains a espace called ESpace2. Server1 contains all the other ESpaces. I have managed to "split" ESpace2 from the other espaces using zones. Server2 will be internet facing and my main concern is that ServiceCenter will be accessible on Server2. How can I hide/block ServiceCenter on Server2?


Hello Arno,

The prefered way to limit access to Service Center is by defining an Internal Network for your system.

You just open Configuration Tool and on the Network Tab fill in the Internal Network box with the semi-colon separated list of IPs (or ip ranges) that should be able to access Service Center.

For example, if you want to grant access to all ip's in the 192.168.1.X you might add:; 192.168.1.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva