How to debug multiple modules

How to debug multiple modules


 suppose, In application i have two modules Module1 and Module2. i write one action in module1 and one action in module2.
Module1 calls the action of module2. I put debugger on both actions but when i am going to debug application it debug only module1's action, debuger not goes to module2's action. I was also tried with step into but its not working.

Please help me on that
Thanks in advance.

Hi Pranav,

Each module has an option to select the module you want to debug.

In your case you need start tu debug the first Module.
Then you need to go to Module 2 and select the eSpace, which is your Module 1. 
After that start debug Module 2. 
Then,  continue your debug in Module 1 and you will be able to debug Module 1 and Module 2.

I will try to make an example for you, to help you.

best regards,
Miguel Vicente