can I use nest tags into OutSystems platform ?

I would like to use tags and nest them to work together some registers
Hi Luciano,

Are you refering to nesting HTML tags?

if so you can achieve this by using unescaped expressions. You use the expression widget, put your html in there and select the escape content to No. (e.g <p><i><b>This is my sentence of text.</b></i></p>)

if you want to work them on a record list you might have fetched from the db you can use a ListRecords widget and use an expression that will be applied while the list is iterated (e.g "<p><i><b>Name: " + ListUsers.Current.User.Name +"</b></i></p>").

Sorry Guilherme. I was not clear... I am thinking about tags that help to find files as Finder on Mac or other applications that use it to find emails like Taglocity. In summary are words used to categorize some information.
Maybe the proper word could be inner tags. I think so.
Someone else can help me ?  One another example of tag use is gmail. You can create and associate tags there.

someone can help me ?
Hi Luciano,

You'll have to be a bit more specific on what you're trying to find. Is it the information you're trying to find on the database? Or is somewhere else?

Can you detail a little bit what you're trying to build?

Hi Guilherme,
  the idea is to do the same feature available on Gmail and Evernote. That way I can add extra-information to the records available in my system.
Yes, so much is clear, but it's not clear exactly what help you are seeking to accomplish it.