Search with Advanced Query

Search with Advanced Query

Hi. I set up the search of available rooms with adv.SQL query but an error came up. " The output Structure must be set in AdvQuery1".

Although you filled the FROM in the Advanced Query, you still need to defined the output structure just like in a regular Query.

Where is an example to return Users table in both formats.

You can add several tables, of use a structure previously made by yourself if only a few fields are needed (for instance, if Group By is involved)

Do the Structure before by going to Data -> Structures -> Add Structure and Add Structure Attribute for each wanted field. You can also simply drag existing Attributes.
Ok, now the structure it´s working and searching but when i test theres an syntaxe error! The SQL it´s simple, i think theres no Error. 

SELECT {Room}.*
FROM {Room}
WHERE @NumberOfAdults > 0 ;

Thanks Nuno
@ prefix is for parameters, probably your condition should be over the attribute: {Room}.NumberOfAdults>0

But for such a query, you don't need Advanced Query.

It´s not just that SQL but the rest of it its quiet simple. ok, i already catch the error, was about the variables, data types! 

Thanks Nuno