show /hide columns of table Records

show /hide columns of table Records

i have table records with around 10 columns and need to show / hide columns (by selecting from a dropdown).Have anyone worked upon it to show /hide columns client side ? if yes then please share the idea or OML.
i searched forge and found Table Record Controller at but seems it is useless.
please help ! its urgent !
If TableRecord Controller doesn't work for you (why?) the only way will be to use javascript.

Just go to extended properties in column header and cells and set style to display:none when you want to hide it.

Remember that although hidden, the values will still remain in source code. So to keep it secret, use an If in the cell with that same condition.

That way the cell will be hidden and empty.
Hi Nuno,
thanks for replying.. but practically it seems something problematic for me.. could you please attach a sample oml to implement this with show and hide feature.

thanks again in advance :)

Here you go. oml and screenshot.

  • One boolean variable for each column.
  • Checkboxes call action OnChange to refresh table
  • Add style to each column header and cell.
  • cell content goes inside an If.

Hi leo,
As Nuno said, you can hide or show table columns using the CSS property: "display: none" in each column that you need to do that. It's simple! All you have to do is put this property in style Extended Properties (see the example image in Nuno comments above).
See the attach example,
Hi Nuno and Breno.. THANK YOU ...That worked for Me .. You guys are the CHAMPS :)
in addition to the above could you please share a way with example to rearrange the columns order in the grid after selecting some. my requirement is to drag the columns either in the drop down or in the grid itself and save the sequence for that particular user.
Attached is the image with my requirement.
Here you go.

Press Reset Definitons to start.

I used 3 variables: Column Title, Cell Value and List_Sort Column RichWidget (that ordering will be memorized by column name so you can move them around without losing data).

If you need to format data (PrettyDate, Decimal or anything like that) do it in the Assign at ValueOf function.

Have you checked this solution on mobiles? AFAIK it causes all columns to be invisible :-( (at least using Outsystem's Preview feature).