I would like to know if it's possible to set a background picture in background of the page. I already try with css 3, like i use in my projects in html 5 but it doesn't work. I want to apply a picture in the body, and isn't working. 

my code...

 background-image: url(/img/Caves.jpg); 
    background-size:  100%;
    background-attachment:  fixed;
    overflow:  scroll;

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Vasco Galvão
I guess it should work if:
-Image was deployed to target directory
-you correct your css to
background-image: url('img/Caves.jpg');
background-size:  100%;
    background-attachment:  fixed;
    overflow:  scroll;

(img folder will be inside your app folder)

If not, check the help

If everything fails, you always have the option of creating a container with the image and then in Container Style use position: absolute and a high z-index.

I think the containers will overlap the background completely, that you'll have to solve somehow.
Hi Nuno,

I tried as well but id didn't work, any suggestion?
What could be wrong?