Hi guys,

As I promised in the weekly update, I've found some issues in Editable table.
When I'm using Jquery 1.4.2 instead of 1.8.3 the table doesn't work for me - Javascript errors and also doesn't not change to the edit view.

Besides that, when I'm using another Theme from RichWidgets, for example the Black Theme, it doesn't have the necessary css information to generate a nice view of the Editabletable.
Perhaps this styles can be moved to those "core" themes.

Hélder Anselmo
Hi Helder,
Thank for your feedback!
We will check the jquery 1.4.2 issue, and come back to you as soon as we have an answer.
Regarding old themes compability, since EditableTable has its own css, we wouldn't like to add a lot of css code so that it behaves well in old themes. This would make the css harder to customize (namely in new applications).

If you are using old themes you need a few css so that it looks good. For example, you will need to add an font-awesome import (as it is on London) so that you can see the widgets icons.

We recently made an effort to improve the new widgets compatibility with the Chicago theme, and if you have any issues styling the table in old themes just let me know.

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha