Timer Issue - Cannot stop running since.

Timer Issue - Cannot stop running since.

Hi guys, 

We have an issue regarding the timers built using OutSystems

The running of timer LoadEODTransaction in Service Center yesterday was interrupted due to network connection issues. After migrating from the OutSystems database from the original location of the VM to our premise, we are expected to run EOD of Transactions and Master Data in Service Center but per checking on timers page, EOD is still running with a duration of 10 hours and still counting but no operations have been involved.

Is there any way we could kill this current process so that we can start our scheduled EOD for today?
We already tried using "Cancel" button but it only redirects us to previous page. We also tried clicking ‘Run Now’ button, but it only affects the Next Run Date, and duration does not reset.

Attached is the screenshot for reference.



There's no way to kill a running timer, other than restarting the Web service.

That said, it looks like your timer should already be stopped due to timeout.

There's a quirk in this screen, where if the Web server was restarted while a timer was running, the Timer's screen will look as if it is still running. This will reset the next time the timer runs.

If you want the ability to kill a Timer, have it check a value from the DB or a site property that signals it to stop; set that to "allow to run" when the timer starts and have a control page (or edit the site property from Service Center) to change it so the next time the value is read (probably within a loop in your main processing in the timer) it throws an exception to stop the timer, or safely exits.

Thank you very much for your reply. We'll take note of this.

Although we were able to solve it by restarting the servers (both App, DB, IIS), then publishing a newer version of the espace.

Thanks again!