Asynchronous Logging

Asynchronous Logging

Hi all,

I was trying to use the LogRecord action, from the Asynchronous Logging extension, but it retuns a message saying 'Bulk logs not supported in this installation. Please contact OutSystems.'

Anyone knows if this it's a related to the license or something else?

Bruno Lourenço
Hi Bruno,

It can either be because of license, missing the microsoft message queue service installed on the server or due to an upgrade bug from old installations.

You can check the license features in your Service Center.
If you have the feature available there, then check the monitoring pages and online monitor. If you are missing the message queue service a warning will appear on top of one of those pages with a link to a How To.

If none of those 2 are your problem I suggest you to do what the message says and contact OutSystems Support.

João Rosado
João, thanks for the reply.

We'll contact Outsystems support, since we had already checked the previous. It probably is related to some kind of upgrade problem, being an original 8 year old, v3.2 Hub Server instalation.