Personal Environment Limitations

I read a lot of topics about personal environments but I didn't find about limitations,
Can you answer me that questions ?

- What's the difference ( I mean, changes at the limitations) between Personal Environment and Community Edition?

- As a personal environment developer, can I use this for commercial use?
2014-01-30 14-49-05
Sean Allen

We've documented the differences on our web site. Have you had a chance to review that? CE used to have a limit on the size of the application(s) you were creating, your personal environment has no such limitation.

These environments are tuned for relatively small deployments - apps with dozens of users, which should be a consideration in how you use it.

Dear Sean,

The web site does not say anything about commecial use ?
Could you give us your light about that?

Based on other posts I've been told that the Personal Edition can be used for commercial purposes without violating any licensing.  You do need to keep the following in mind.

Database size is limited to 1 GB - there aren't many commercial applications that can manage that limitation

Number of Users - the hardware available for your personal environment is limited so depending on the application and your response time needs the practical number of users will be an issue, though the platform itself has no limit.

Service Level - there is no guarantee that the service will be running 24/7 though my experience has been very good.  Also, there is no database backup capability which again no commercial application would normally be OK with.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Curt.
2014-01-30 14-49-05
Sean Allen
Hi Bart!

I can confirm that Curt is correct on all counts (thank you, sir!). We make no specific stipulations against commercial use. As you might suspect, we do reserve right to react if our service is being used for nefarious purposes.

Your personal environment is yours, enjoy it! And please let us know if we can help.

Best regards-

Hi Allen, if we use the personal environment for commercial purposes and if the user saves their important data in our application then how long their data will be stored safely in the PE database?

I have heard that if we stop development in the personal environment then it will be recycled and data will be lost.

So, if users are using the application regularly and we stop development in that environment then will they lose their important data?

Are there any limitations on the use of sensors, like bluetooth or GPS, in mobile apps build under a personal environment?

H Verheijen wrote:

Are there any limitations on the use of sensors, like bluetooth or GPS, in mobile apps build under a personal environment?

no limitations for such functionalities. most limitations are infrastructure related


In PE you can do all the web development, just can't do specific things to the server.

Think of the limitations as the ones you would have by working in a cloud environment that you don't know or control. No access to the disk in any way or to the database directly, no possibility of changing the domain after set or of defining SEO friendly URLs, no access to analytics, no installing certificates...

For mobile apps it is even easier because usually you need mostly to access the device, not the server. And that you can control completelly (even as an unofficial app).

Thanks for your clarification, Nuno. So, is not possible to install certificates, I should use my personal domain 'as is' without any chance to do anymore, right? (Nothing appears in the point according to with the documentation).

Hi Martin, 

You can check about your free environment here. There's an area called "What are the limitations of personal environments" where you'll find that No custom domain is allowed in the free environment.

Thanks a lot for the document Ricardo. A very useful and detailed document about free environments.

Have a great day!


Hi all,

Does anyone knows if there is any limitation regarding the type of files that we can store on resources? Or size?

I´ m trying with a file with 50Mb, type .obj, I can add it but I can´ t access to the file.


Nuno R

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