I am curious to know if it is possible to have deep linking inside the Outsystems Now native app.
And if so, can variables be passed through as well?

For example:

1) An email is sent to a User which includes a link that will navigate to the Outsystems Now app and onto the specific webscreen in the viewer.


2) Using the Push Notifications functionality, the User can click on the notification and once again be directed to a specific webscreen in the viewer.



Its possible on both iOS and Android to launch a mobile app via url this is done via custom url scheme. if you've built your own custom mobile app you can achieve the desired result. If this feature has been implemented into outsystems now is unknown - this is a question for outsystems to answer.
Hi Robbie,

As Robert said, it is possible to do and we have it already on our backlog for a future version of OutSystems Now.