Using OCR in a mobile application

Hi guys.

I'm looking for OCR component to be integrated in a mobile application I'm currently developing, however I couldn't find any reference on this matter on the community.

Have anybody successfully worked with any OCR component, or even successfully integrated a mobile application with an online OCR As A Service provider?

Any information, guidance or tips on this matter is more than welcomed.

Kind regards,

Hi Rafael,

Sometime ago I played with the OCR from Abbyy. It's fairly easy to implement an extension to use their SDK.
But since Platform 9 supports REST it should be even more easy to use their REST cloud services.

You can find more details and setup a trial here:
Thank you very much João!

I'll take a look at your suggestions and come back in case of additional questions. On top of that, any other idea from the community will be more than welcomed.

Kind regards,

I am also interessed in that subject. I have already checked the abbyy solution...It's good but expensive. Anyone have an cheaper alternative?

You can try Tesseract: (.Net version available through nuget)
It's an open source engine from Google, but not as accurate as Abbyy.
Thanks João Neves. I will check. Do you already use it?
I did while ago.