Inserting a pause into a process

Inserting a pause into a process

I have integrated OS with 4 web services, and am sending 2000 record  to each of these web services. The web service provider is somewhat unreliable, and starts to choke if i send requests too fast. Is there a way for me to insert a pause of a few milliseconds into my process so that i wait a while between calls to the web service?

The process i am using gets the 2000 records and serially sends them to the four services.

I would rather not use a tight/busy loop for this, is there some kind of "pause" or "wait" action?
Attached is a screenshot of the process.

I would like to put waits in before each of getVariables2, getRModelResults, getSASresults and getSPSSModelResults to increase the intervals between these calls.

Searching on the forum by "Sleep" found this topic:
Try that extension Tiago uploaded.
I recommend turning off the logging for that extension in Service Center after you upload it. Otherwise it will log a "Slow extension" log every time you call it. Because being slow it's whats suposed to do.

João Rosado