Hi there,

I open Service Studio in machine A, and start the debug in public area. I open the application in IE, and it stops on the breakpoints. However if I open the application in machine B, it does not stop on the breakpoints.

Is this normal? Has anyone ever seen this behaviour?

My details:
Service Studio
Platform Version
Stack: .NET
Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 11 (on both machines A and B)

Pedro Vieira
Hi Pedro,

That is the correct behavior for public area debugging. Breakpoints on public area only stop on Service Studios from the same machine.
Note: this restriction does not apply to Web Services, Timers and Processes.

It is to prevent that is environments with many developers from stopping on other developer breakpoints and getting "stuck".

João Rosado

Thank you João.
But is this a recent behaviour?
I think I remember debugging from a collegue's machine.
I have been using the platform since version 8.0.0.x.

It's not recent, It's been there since the "Debug in public area" option was added (back in 5.0 or 5.1).

Debug in Private Areas or in Web Services, Timers and Processes do work remotelly.
Weren't you in one of those scenarios?

João Rosado
Actually I don't remember. Maybe we were using a Personal Environment instalation, or we were using the Java stack.
But ok, we will keep that in mind.
So you are saying that if I am running a debug in the public area only the requests made on my machine are catched? I am almost certain that I have catched requests from external machines and I say this because there were times I was debugging and coleagues of mine made a request and they were waiting for me to do F9.

I'm saying that that is not supposed to happen on Web Screens, or it would be very anoying with many developers.

But thinking about it a bit.. when using cloud based services there can be issues with it. Since the detection is based on IP's, if the requests leave your network, usually all pcs from inside the organization will have the same external IP, causing it to think it's all from the same place.

Aha! :-)
Yes, that could be it...