Personal environment upgrades to OutSystems Platform 9

Hi all,

Some of you have already realized that new personal environments are being provisioned with AWESOME OutSystems Platform 9 and if you are still on Platform 8... you may be left wondering why.

Here's why:
  • we need time to perform the bulk upgrades of thousands of personal environments (you didn't think you were alone, did you? ;))
  • we want to double/triple-check that all of your running applications would... you know... continue running after an upgrade to OutSystems Platform 9 (wink wink:;
Now... the good news:
  • if your personal environment is stopped due to inactivity, when you wake it up, it will be provisioned with Platform 9
  • in two weeks time we will start the bulk updates, so we're almost there!
If you have critical requirements (e.g. business demos) for getting access to OutSystems Platform 9 drop us a note.

Davide Marquês
The OutSystems Team

My Outsystems 8 personal environment was stopped because of inactivity.  I just woke it up a few minutes ago and it is still platform 8.  :-(  I know it'll be upgraded in the next few weeks, but I was hoping to get it upgraded today per the above announcement.

Have a nice day,
Hi Joshua,

Thanks for reporting this! I should have made clear the difference between "suspended due to inactivity" and "stopped due to inactivity".

When the personal environment is suspended there is an underlying infrastructure that needs to be upgraded, but when it's in the stopped state what happens is that we backup your applications and shutdown the infrastructure until you need to use it again. The lifecycle is started -> suspended -> stopped.

If you wake up a suspended personal environment it goes back to the started state, but when you wake up a stopped personal environment we are in fact provisioning a new infrastructure using the latest available version (Platform 9!)

That's the seamless upgrade path I wanted to share. Sorry for the confusion and rest assured that your personal environment will be on P9 soon enough! :)

Ok.  Thanks for the clarification.
Hi Team,

For some reason I don't see the option to "wake up" my environment and still get the error message when trying to log in with servicce studio. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Hi Davide,

I got an email saying my environment would be upgraded to Platform 9 on the 28th.  In my time zone it's the 29th and it hasn't happened yet.  I'm sure you guys are busy upgrading a whole bunch of personal environments, but I'd love to have it upgraded before going to the NextStep Americas next week so I can get up to speed.


You may have already gotten the email by now, but we ran into a glitch when we were running through final tests for the first batch of bulk upgrades yestreday. We know what the problem is and are working to get it resolved. I don't know what that will do to the timing of your upgrade at this point, but additional emails will go out when that is scheduled.

We are really sorry for the delay and inconvenience!

I haven't used Outsystems much in the last 2 years. We were on Platform 5 the last time we were using it for project work.
I had recently installed Platform 8 to fiddle around with the Personal Development Area.

Since the upgrade to Platform 9, I have one big pet peeve. It seems to take forever to load up any of my UI screens under the Interface area. I did save my .oml locally thinking that would help, but it didn't. Is there a setting somewhere that is still making my espace load up from the cloud vs a local copy? Or is Interface loading really this slow in Platform 9?

P.S. Loving all of the new functionality in 9, and still working hard to try to sell this as a dev platform in our enterprise.
Hi Leo,

I suspect that your screens are using css with imports to external urls. Is that right? Do you have css that contains imports to external css? Are you working behind a proxy or firewall?
I am working behind an enterprise proxy, so I suspected this could also have effect. Is there no way of working in Service Studio against a locally saved .oml file as opposed to working online?

How do I look to see if my css contains imports?
My application was migrated from Platform 8 to 9 recently, but the .css in it prior was only the standard styling that I would of got by generating a new personal application. Nothing was added by me.
When you're connected to an environment Service Studio will try to fetch the external assets (images, css, ...) from their origins. You can try to open a new Service Studio instance without connecting to a server (need to uncheck connect to last environment in preferences). And see if the problem still occurs.
Does that proxy need authentication? If that's the case you have to configure the proxy authentication in the settings as well.