[Dropzone File Upload] Issues with DropZone 1.2

Forge Component
Published on 2017-04-01 by João Melo
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Published on 2017-04-01 by João Melo

I'm using 'DropZone', and faced two problems below.

1.xlsx uploading
    When I try to upload xlsx file, an SqlException occured.
    The length of OriginalFileType attr in FileNode entity seems too short(length:50).
    FileType of xlsx(application_openxmlformats) is over 50 characters,
   so I set the value as 100 and got uploading successfully.
2.file downloading
     When I try to download file(e.g. txt and xls), an error was occured.
       (Error: The connection to the server was reset)
     It seems that the 'Method' property of download link on ShowFileNode Widget causes this problem.
     I changed the value(Ajax submit) to Submit and got downloading successfully.

Thanks for creating thus nice forge.
I hope my post helps.
Hey, I published a new version of the component based on the Kuniyoshi' suggestions