How to Resolve """OSADMIN_DEV1"".""OSUSR_HMO_LIABILI1"" with key 0 was not found"

How to Resolve """OSADMIN_DEV1"".""OSUSR_HMO_LIABILI1"" with key 0 was not found"


i have update some field in Edit Page and the table Name is Liabilities which is empty Table(No Record).
when i am trying open this page it goes to internal error page and i checked with debugger then i found this error
"""OSADMIN_DEV1"".""OSUSR_HMO_LIABILI1"" with key 0 was not found".

Please let me know the solution for the same.

Jigs Mehta
This usually means you're using the GetEntity action (GetLiabilities) with an empty identifier. An error will be raised if you're trying to fetch a record whose identifier does not exist.

Just to check, you are not pointing to a specific record, are you?
If you try something like this Mylist[0] instead of Mylist.Current you need to be 110% sure that there is a record in the [0] possition of your list (also, this is bad coding!)