Deleted eSpace causing problems


I've just upgraded our onsite server to version 9.  However, I am receiving an error like this on all but one application:

"'GetApplicationName' Action is incompatible with the 'CssSamples' eSpace definition. Please update it. "

It seems pretty straightforward, however we removed the CssSamples eSpace weeks ago, and I have no way to update it.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Matt,

That means that you still have other modules using actions from the one you deleted (at least the GetApplicationName action).

You will need to find the modules that still reference it and use the Add/Remove references to remove it.
If you check the publication log of your solution in Service Center it will have warnings about the broken references in the modules that uses them. You can use it to know what eSpaces you need to open.

João Rosado
It looks like that is doing the trick.  How am I supposed to refresh the RichWidgets references?
What references are broken in RichWidgets?
There should be none if you published the System Components that maches the revision number of your Platform.
If you are not sure just republish the System_Components.osp that is in your platform directory ( C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\System_Components.osp)

João Rosado