I am brand new here, so please excuse the ignorance.
I want to create a phone app that will do the following:
* Register the user (first time only) - this will
* identify the OS of the phone
* create what we call a deviceID (essentially the IMEI # of the phone)
* post various phone information and  registration info on our servers (I have the POST code info for our servers)
* save the deviceID on the phone for later use

Then when the user clicks on the application widget/shortcut,
* it gets the gps co-ordinates of the phone
* posts the deviceID, long/lat andsome other information to our server (again I have the supporting) 
* it makes a phone call to a pre-defined number (like a quick-dial)

Not sure if there is a sample application('s) that have the bits and pieces I need, but if someone could help direct me, I would be very much obliged.

Thanks in advance


Hello Larry! Welcome to our community. I know you'll love it :)

There's a bunch of stuff that you want to do and for some, I can point you in the direction of some sample apps that you can inspect and take examples from.

-  Register the user: this one is simple, just use the User_CreateOrUpdate from the Users module
- Identity of the Phone and deviceid. I don't know how withouth going hybrid. Take a look at labs.outsystems.net
- Post of the info to your server. If you want to go with POST (rather than a webservice) you can use the extension HTTPRequestHandler. It has an action called PostRequest_Submit
- Save the device id on the phone. Probably a cookie I would say. Maybe you want to save the emei and identify it with that.

 - get the GPS coordinates of the phone: The module Native inside OutSystemsNow has a webblock for that.
- make a phone call: use a link

Getting the GPS and making a link to do a phone call: take a look at TelecomServices sample app. It has all this implemented.

Hope it helps!
Pedro Cardoso