Pictures in Database

I have alreay get how to have a Picture in an Entity (Picture.Entity). Good :)
But I could only to have 1 Picture for each record in the main Entity.

How I can have several pictures for each record of one Entity.

Create another (a child) entity that contains a binary field for the picture and the id of the other entity.
Ok. Thanks. But if I pretend have several pictures for each record (8 or more) That becames complex.
Gerry suggested the best workable approach.  

Assume you have an entity called Product for which you want to store multiple pictures.  Create a second ProductPicture entity with Id, ProductId and Image fields.  When you want to retrieve all the pictures for a particular product, use an advanced query to write the sql.  In the advanced query retrieve all the records for the specific ProductId and the use sql PIVOT to transpose the rowset into a series of columns.

You should be able find the exact syntax and example code if you google for "t-sql pivot".

Hope this helps.